Rope Rescue – Technician Level

Rope Rescue – Technician Level (NFPA 1006, 2017 ed.)
Our 5-Day Class is Now Pro-Board Certified

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Course Dates:
08/26/2024 – 08/29/2024 – Wilderness
09/30/2024 – 10/4/2024 – Pro-Board Urban

$675.00 Per Student for Non-Pro-Board Classes
$750.00 Per Student for Pro-Board Classes (Includes Pro-Board Fees)

Note:  All courses listed as “Pro-Board” must be taken as Pro-Board, you can not attend in a “non-Pro-Board” fashion/cost.

This course provides those operation’s rope rescuers more knowledge and skills necessary to safely and competently perform rescues using rope equipment and rope systems within the scope of NFPA 1006 2017 ed. Technician level.

The class will cover passing knots on descents and in systems, construction and application of horizontal rope systems and simple artificial high directional’s.

This class will give the students many scenarios to practice and reinforce sound principles. Students are expected to have a thorough understanding of the knowledge and skills from operations level course.

All of our Operations and Technician level courses are offered in both Urban and Wilderness settings.   Urban setting is typically held at an industrial type facility.   Wilderness is typically held in the Hocking Hills area.  Both programs cover the same level content, but focus on those specific terrains.

Because of testing needs, Pro-Board courses are only offered in the Urban setting

Course Prerequisites:

This is an advanced Technician Level course, following State and Pro-Board outlines.  This course requires a solid foundation in Rope Operations, and thus requires a State or Pro-Board level certification in Operations Level Rope training.

Lead Instructor Bio - Gary Hamilton

Retired after a 34+ years as a career firefighter, nearly 32 years with the City of Columbus (OH), working on busy engine, ladder and rescue companies. Retiring as a Lieutenant in 2019.

Ohio Task Force One - FEMA USAR Team member from 1999 to 2020 as a rescue specialist, rescue squad officer, heavy equipment rigging specialist, water rescue specialist and haz-mat specialist.

Served as Team Leader for Central Ohio Strike Team - Ohio Homeland Security (OHS) Region 4 USAR team from 2010-2019.

OHS Region 4 representative to OHS/OEMA USAR and Water Rescue Technical Advisory Committees from 2005 thru 2019

A fire and rescue instructor at the Ohio Fire Academy 2001 to 2018.

A rope instructor at the Bowling Green State Fire School since the early 1990’s.

Instructor Bio - Marcus Chapman

Westerville Division of Fire, currently a Lieutenant, promoted in 2012. Serving Westerville since 1999. A Volunteer firefighter with Porter-Kingston Fire Department, near Sunbury in Delaware County. Member of Ohio Task Force One – FEMA USAR Team since 2003 as a rescue specialist and water rescue specialist. Department liaison for Central Ohio Strike Team – Ohio Region 4 USAR.

Previously an intermittent instructor with the Ohio Fire Academy with a focus on rope rescue. A rope instructor with Bowling Green State Fire School and Hooks & Hose Training Company. A State of Ohio certified Fire Instructor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Administration.