North-East Ohio
Pro-Board Vehicle Rescue Extrication Course

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NOTE:   This course is listed under the “Custom Courses” Category which is at the bottom of our course listings

4-Day Program to Meet/Exceed NFPA 1006 (2021 Edition)

Meets Requirements for the following certifications:

  • Common Passenger Vehicle Technician

  • Heavy Vehicle Operations

  • This Course DOES NOT include the Machine Component

Course Dates:
9/10/24 – 9/13/24

Course Times: Each class starts first thing in the morning, typically 9:00 AM, and runs all day until at least 5:00 PM

Cost: $750.00 Per Student (Includes Pro-Board Fees)

A HUGE THANK YOU to Marlboro Township Volunteer Fire Department and Marlboro Towing for supporting this course! Their support, as well as others throughout the year, help Crash Course Village provide some classes at a reduced cost.

Don’t let your rescue personnel learn from “trial and error.” This program provides proven techniques, in safe, professional training settings.

Planning | Response | Vehicle Rescue Strategy & Tactics | Vehicle Construction
Hybrids | and Tool Maintenance
Stabilization | Tool Application | Hydraulic vs. Non-Hydraulic Options
Basic Patient Handling
Bread & Butter Operations | Lifting/Spreading
Impalements | Heavy Vehicles

How This Program Works: This is a 4-day program offered on 4 straight days.

Location – Course will be held in the area of the MARLBORO TOWNSHIP VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, Alliance, Ohio

Registration: Great Student/Instructor Ratios, class size is limited to provide the most “on tool” time as possible.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy: We have a strict cancellation policy.

Pro-Board Certification: Authorized and distributed by 3rd party partner, Great Oaks Career Campus.

Class Sessions

DAY #1 Vehicle Rescue Classroom Presentation:
In-depth training of vehicle rescue from planning, organizing, responding and the strategy/tactics of vehicle rescue. Vehicle construction and tool application (hydraulic/non-hydraulic/hand) will be taught. How to create safe areas on the road, identify hybrid/electric cars, defeat SRS systems, and scene safety. Vehicle tool tactics including rigging and lifting cars and heavy commercial vehicles. Students will participate in table top scenarios of motor vehicle crashes. The day ends with hands-on lab training on proper equipment checks and field maintenance techniques.

DAY #2 Bread/Butter Vehicle Rescue Techniques:
This class addresses all the techniques you need for day-in/day-out vehicle rescue, great refresher class, and a building block for concepts learned in Day #1. This class features detailed instruction in stabilization, tool application, hydraulic/non-hydraulic, and basics of patient handling. To be a fully rounded vehicle rescue technician you must know tool options and different ways to get the job done. The day wraps up with the class practicing everything they have learned in a controlled evolution.

DAY #3 Vehicle Rescue Advanced Techniques 1:
Day 3 presents more difficult challenges to the student, it begins with a warm up of bread/butter (door/roof/dash) rescue but then scenarios quickly escalate into situations that will need technician level skills to complete. Again the day completes with a realistic based vehicle rescue evolution for the class to apply and practice what they have learned.

DAY #4 Vehicle Rescue Advanced Techniques 2:
On Day 4, while still making sure each student is competent in basic skills this class truly goes to the next level. Lifting/spreading operations with an emphasis on optional tool packages, victims trapped in cars impaled with a fence posts, commercial vehicle rescue, and class final scenario.