Maintaining & Troubleshooting Power Tool Systems for Firefighters

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$200.00 Per Student

When you raised your hand and took the oath of firefighter you instantly became a professional power tool operator, whether you knew it or not.

For years, these skills were not a focus of firefighter training and often taken for granted. Inattention to this is costing our communities with needless injuries, and inefficient operations. We need to learn how these tools work, why they fail, and how to keep them working.

By being better tool operators, we can be better firefighters.

During this one-day, classroom and hands-on seminar, firefighters will learn the fundamentals of chain/rotary saws, electric generators, electric tools, 4-cycle gas engines, pneumatic powered tools. Troubleshooting and operational checks will be covered and practiced. Bay floor skills that will start paying off the day after class.

Learn engines/systems from the ground up, perfect for today’s firefighter, and even if you are the “fix-it” guy you are bound to learn new troubleshooting tips and repair techniques.