Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Inspection Training

Do your apparatus checks comply with NFPA Standards for personnel safety?

Are your Driver/Operator’s inspecting apparatus correctly?

Registration Opens December 4

Course Dates:  This course is specifically designed to be presented at your fire department, on your fire apparatus.  It is only offered as a Custom Course.

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Crash Course Village now offers a Preventive Maintenance for Emergency Vehicles Inspection Course.

Safer Apparatus | Safer Fireground | Reliable Apparatus
Less Out-of-Service Time | Reduced Maintenance Costs

Two NFPA Standards address how Emergency Vehicles are to be checked on daily and weekly checks.
NFPA 1010: Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Fighters
NFPA 1910: Standard for the Inspection, Maintenance, Refurbishment, Testing, Retirement of In-Service Emergency Vehicles and Requirements for Marine Firefighting Vessels

In order to be successful and safe on a fireground, on the road, and in the apparatus bays, your fire department needs to maintain apparatus in perfect working condition. But are your Driver/Operator’s properly checking apparatus on a daily and weekly basis?
“At the request of the International Association of Fire Chief’s Emergency Vehicle Management Section, Emergency Vehicle Technician
Certification Commission (EVT) has developed an exam that is targeted for the
operator of the vehicle to do a daily/ weekly check that will satisfy the new requirements of NFPA 1911 Standard for Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, and Retirement of In-Service Emergency
Vehicles 2017 edition.”

This course is specifically designed to be presented at your fire department, on your fire apparatus.
It is being offered as an out-reach program, presented at your department, with your fire apparatus.  Customized approximately 4-hour class.
No travel costs for your employees.
Your Apparatus, your facility
Specific, training, on your own apparatus
The opportunity to offer the class to multiple students in one place, with less inconvenience of an off-site class
Excellent prep work for the EVT exam for Driver/Operator
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