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Why Sponsor a Pit at Crash Course?

  • EXPOSURE: This Crash Course Heavy video for 2015 was viewed by 63,162 viewers in 2 weeks! Crash Course 2016 had a total video view count of just over 260,000 views by potential fire and rescue customers.
  • MORE EXPOSURE: The "Minute In The Pit" videos below were viewed over 256,000 times in total.
  • RECOGNITION: Join our Organization in this World Class Extrication/Rescue Training Program.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Take Advantage of Social Media Presence of Over 104,000 Emergency Service Followers.
  • STUDENTS WAITING IN LINE: Crash Course and Crash Course heavy fill and have a waiting list each and every year. That's more than 350 students literally waiting in line for the chance to attend.
  • FIRE SERVICE LEADERS: Reach The Current and Future Leaders of The Fire Service.
  • MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Our Students Are Simply The Movers and Shakers and The Cream of The Crop of the Rescue Industry.

How Pit Sponsorship Works (Click Here)

The Minute In The Pit Video Series for 2015

Pit 1

Pit 2

Pit 3

Pit 4

Pit 5

Pit 6

Pit 7

Pit 8

Pit 9

Pit 10