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NFPA 1006/1670 Vehicle Rescue Certification Class - More Information Here!

"Great Hands-On!"

The Crash Course training "pits" are simply a great hands-on experience. It is very hard to reproduce these types of senarios for us to practice on in our department..

"Two Action Packed Days"

This is the second time I have been sent by my department to Crash Course, it is a class with two action packed days of unmatched training.

"We Will Be Back"

As a Chief of a department that send member seach year, we always have great feedback from our members when the return. We will be back next years.

"Worth The Trip"

We traval from the east coast for this class, it is hands down, worth the trip.

Our Team

Crash Course Village was established to fill a need for quality, hands-on extrication training for fire and rescue teams. We have assembled a core staff from top professionals from across the country. All our team are active or retired fire and rescue team members with extensive experience in vehicle and heavy rescue.. just call us at 937.290.0529

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2017 - Slope Rescue Techniques

2017 - Side Impact - Extrication

2017 - Multi-Vehicle Crash Scenarios

2017 - "Under Rides" Vehicle Displacement from Under Semi-Trailers

2017 - Vehicle Into Structure with Collapse

2017 - New Techniques in Displacement with Power Tools & Hand Tools

2017 - Advanced Stabilization with Vehicle on its Roof and Side

2017 - Extrication Techniques - Scenario Based

2017 - Car On Roof - Floor Pan Removal

2017 - Car On Its Side - Limited Access


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Student Comments

"What a great weekend of training. Crash Course offer some of the best instructors we have seen."

– Anonymous

"I learned several great new techniques during this class. I am very glad I attended."

– Anonymous

"My department sends students every year. I have waited three years for my turn. This has been a GREAT learning opportunity. I hope to come back again."

– Anonymous